I’m Moron Eel. (Yes, you may call me Moron.)

The sea is my home, but I live in Chicago. I specialize in ‘creative technical illustration’, which is a lot like regular illustration, but so much more fun. When I’m not gulping saltwater from a crusty coral reef, I’m probably scheming my next creative adventure. My brain is often bursting with ideas (a benefit of being so small), and I always have a passion project at the ready between commissions.

I take having fun very seriously, I take illustration more seriously than that, and I take both far more seriously than I take myself.

My illustrations have been featured in editorials, publications, advertising and package design.

Popular Science // Field & Stream // Fast Company // Car and Driver // Iron & Air // Politico EU // BBC Focus // Men’s Health // Penguin Random House // Chicago reader // Norwegian Air Ambulance // OBOS Magazine and more.